Company Incorporation& Registration

ALFREG provides reliable company set-ups, compliance and secretarial services backed by years of experience in the industry.

Business Planning

We will help you develop a business plan specifically tailored to your company and the industry you work in. Our team will also provide you with free consultations.

Company Set-Ups

With the right business advisory service we can help you set-up your business in Ghana and leverage the opportunities presented by today's complex global economy.

ALFREG Company Limited

ALFREG is an indigenous advisory business firm. At ALFREG, we are dedicated to ensuring clients’ satisfaction through the provision of business advisory services. ALFREG assists with complex regulatory and compliance processes. We offer valuable business advisory insights, identify shortcoming and provide business savvy solutions.

We ensure that our clients are well-positioned to effectively navigate the ever-changing compliance and regulatory environment.

We can make your company the leader of the market by providing high quality business management solutions


Immigration Support Services

International companies usually require seamless transfer of their employees across borders. Our corporate immigration department is experienced.

HR Support Services

We give clients the strategic HR support they need including helping them to ensure compliance, attracting the right talent, developing leadership.

Marketing Support Services

We approach marketing strategies differently. Regardless of the size or challenge of our client’s organization, we apply our proven processes.

Your Success & Our Capabililty

Have the confidence that you will be fully compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements. Leverage on knowledge of your business in operational support to drive higher-value insights and services. We are the best in everything we do, turning our experience and industry knowledge into value for clients. We understand our clients’ needs and we are driven to discover tailor made and not standard solutions for them. The core focus of ALFREG is to deliver advisory services and strategies, that maximizes our clients effectiveness and the realization of their goals.