About US

Alfreg Company Limited is an indigenous Ghanaian business advisory firm that believes in serving its clients with remarkable interventions that facilitate the realisation of their respective business and organisational development goals.

Since its establishment in 2006, Alfreg Company Limited has successfully assisted clients operating in financial, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical and tourism sectors. We work with multinational, international and national organizations and businesses. Our specialty is in the provision of secretarial services and in the acquisition of Work/Residence permits for expatriate staff of our clients. Our reputation for providing efficient, reliable and economical services is demonstrated by the quality of clients we work with and the repeated businesses from our clients.

In serving our clients, we collaborate with reputable Governmental institutions such as the Minerals Commission, Ghana Immigration Service, Registrar generalís Department, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and Petroleum Commission.

Our vision is to be the preferred Ghanaian indegenious business advisory firm serving businesses and organizations in Ghana and the West African Sub Region through provision of useful interventions.

Our mission is to offer timely and reliable business services through:
  • Continous search and application of best practices
  • Developing and engaging best professional expertise and technology
  • Adding value to our clients, business and staff

The Companyís guiding principles, which constitute its values, are individually and collectively shared.
  • Trust and Respect
    We endeavour to exhibit complete transparency, sincerity and respect in all our dealings with our clients, staff and partners.
  • Partnership and Cooperation
    We collaborate with clients in order to provide for them services which meet their changing needs.
  • Attention to Detail
    We assess every action of ours to ensure that they are above reproach.
  • Confidentiality
    As a company, we treat client-related information as privileged and therefore handle them with the highest professional care.

One of the assets of Alfreg Company Limited is its human resources. Our staffs are encouraged to think outside the box.

We create lasting value by applying modern best practices for the respective sectors we work in and the relevant thematic areas. The best practices are modified to fit the specific context and capacity of our individual clients.

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